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About Me

I'm Kaitland, the artist and creator behind Green Gables Design Co. With over 10 years of experience in web design, graphic design, and social media, my passion is partnering with businesses and individuals to help them unlock their full potential.

My portfolio spans a variety of sectors. My forte is building an image that best represents you and your brand. Green Gables Design Co. exists to break the cookie-cutter mold, allowing you and your business to operate in its fullest capacity.

Inspired by my love for literature and heroines who defy the norm to chase their ambitions, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dream in their own unique way. 

When I'm not creating, I'm reading books with my husband, playing with my two dogs and two cats, or dreaming of a vacation to Ireland.


Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Branding, Custom Merchandise, Newsletters, Copywriting, Editing


Web Design

Starting at $1,500


Basic: $250

Deluxe: $450

Premium: $750

Graphic Design

Pricing Varies

Custom Merchandise

Pricing Varies

Social Media Marketing

1-2 Posts Weekly: $300/Month

2-3 Posts Weekly: $425/Month

           Daily Posts: $750/Month


Pricing Varies

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